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Photo Helena Cooper


Hi ! I am Renata, daughter of Antônio and Regina, granddaughter of many grandparents and Brazilian from Minas Gerais - a land full of Mountains that taught me the cyclical movements of life.​


And it was through many processes - painful, beautiful and not so beautiful - that I became a Psychologist who brings in her backpack, a series of personal and professional experiences in Brazil and around the world.​


The Power of the Feminine is born from the crossing of all these stories in me and, I can say - with a lot of love - that it is a big and illuminated window that shows the way for my girl, the young woman that I was and the woman that I am on this awakening path.​


And since it makes no sense to turn on the inner lights alone, I call with me all forms of feminine and masculine to walk hand in hand through this abundant, magnificent and wild nature that is our very existence here on Earth.​


Just like you, I just want to Be.

ReNiels (121).jpg

Hoi! I'm Niels, son of Atie and Eric and Dutch from Amsterdam – a flat land full of water that taught me to flow with life.

I always wanted to understand and discover the world and people. Through initiatives and projects around the globe, I had the privilege of learning and growing a lot.


I seek to learn and share my learnings and possibilities with other people and I became a process facilitator and holistic therapist, where I can co-create a more balanced world.


I greatly honor the feminine in the world and in myself,
The Liberation of the Masculine teaches me daily about the healing and transformation that I seek as a man and what I wish for all my brothers: a path of self-knowledge and the release of our greatest human potential.


I want to act more and more with my heart.


Niels Koldewijn

Renata Carvalho

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