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The Power of the Feminine
A deck of cards for women of all ages to talk about everything that strengthens the feminine.

This feminine power deck of cards is a simple tool for women of all ages to maintain a conversation in safe spaces about the feminine universe and everything that strengthens our power. It is a way of supporting our internal processes, reinforcing our bonds with other women, and promoting sorority when our life stories and experiences create empathy amongst ourselves.

The 79 cards in this deck are part of a methodology called the Water Mirror (espelho d’agua), which is a metaphor for the object of direct reflection, like a mirror turned towards our innermost feminine truths that lead us to the transparency of water. The game is an invitation to listen more closely to everything that might empower us, as we have so many social challenges that are still so repressive and patriarchal, whatever may be our culture.

The texts accompanying each card were created from an intense intuitive process and a thorough research on everything that permeates the feminine, and were written over a nine-month period, the exact time of a pregnancy. In the creative process, I considered the cultural diversity of different societies and searched for themes that are common to all of them.


The Liberation of the Masculine
A card-deck for all generations looking for a healthier masculinity.

This deck of cards about the liberation of the masculine is a simple and elegant, yet profound set of cards that are focused on opening a dialogue and inner space about the world of the masculine. Made for men and women interested in masculine energies and qualities. The liberation of the masculine invites the reader and user to discover ways to become freer of several beliefs, patterns and structures that have defined the masculine and the world for centuries.

These 79 cards bring up what’s needed to be worked on, from the depths and transparency of the waters. This set of cards has been created through a deep process of inner work and exploration of this topic. Over time we discovered that through the limited framework of what it means to be man or how masculinity is viewed, the masculine is also hurt, just in different ways from the feminine. The masculine has oppressed itself, just in different ways. The masculine also needs emancipation, just in different ways. And in this path to restoring balance and bringing back the deeper quality of masculinity in our lives, a liberation is needed. Of emotional blockages, of limiting beliefs, of trapped potential of unexplored essence. In the creative process, we considered the cultural diversity of different societies and looked for themes that are common to most of them. The content of this work is part of a journey of deep exploration which I wish for everybody to go through. It’s not always easy, but definitely worth it.

Feminine and masculine kit in English

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