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Readings & Manifestation

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Feminine Power, Money & Purpose

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Feminine Power Blog

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Welcome, welcome, welcome! I am so happy you're here. I'm Domenica Papalia and I am the founder of Power of the Feminine. As a soul-driven woman, I created Power of the Feminine as an expression of my own purpose and to support and mentor women, in a safe place to do the same. You can read more about me here. Within each of us lies a most sacred power, our Feminine Power of Creation, quietly waiting its awakening. Reclaiming that power is important work. It is one of my greatest joys (the other is my Soul's work and my baby girl) to help YOU reconnect, reawaken and express once more that incredible power within you, and there is NOTHNG more inspiring than a woman empowered and expressing herself in power, creating the life her Soul knows she is destined to live. She then becomes a magnet for others to do the same.